Self Healing Nano Coatings

Heat Activated Swirl Mark Reversal

Every Ceramic Coating Package Includes The Following

  • Chemical based Decontamination

  • Clay Bar

  • 1 Stage Paint Correction 

  • Self Heal Nano Coating on Full Body

Alberta's most proven and tested self healing surface coating. Long gone are the days of accumulating swirl marks and light scratches to your paint work.

Formulated with Canadian climate in mind, this professional level coating has outlasted leading brands in many aspects. 

After a decontamination and single stage paint correction to remove most or all existing defects, the coating is hand applied, panel by panel, to aid in protecting your vehicle from bird droppings, chemicals, harsh winter conditions, oxidation and corrosion, water spots, and swirl marks for approximately 5 years.


Ceramic: $1,650

Graphene: +$200


Ceramic:  $1,850

Graphene: +$200 


Ceramic: $2,050

Graphene: +$200


Ceramic: $2,250

Graphene: + $200


Prices May Vary - Contact For Consultation