Nano Ceramic Coating

Multi Surface 

Paint, Plastic, & Glass.

Scratch Defense

Swirl Mark Reversal

Weather Defense

Snow, Water, Dirt Repellant 

Corrosion Defense

Acid & Rust Inhibitor

Extreme Gloss

Permanent "wet" Look.

Long Lasting

Years without re-application

Paint Correction

single stage polish & wax               

$350 to $550

A lightly abrasive polishing process to brighten, decontaminate, and shine your vehicle's paint work. Always topped off with a quality crystal polymer long life wax or sealant.

Multistage Paint Correction               

$650 to $1,200

A customized strategy tailored to your vehicle's paint code (hardness, thickness, paint type, size, and condition) to reveal a defect and swirl-free finish, sealed with a specialty wax or long life sealant to protect the results.

Customized Specialty Work



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Self Healing Ceramic Coating

Self Healing Ceramic Coating

$1,450 to $2,450

Heat Activated Swirl Mark Reversal​ Technology

Includes Paint Decontamination and Correction

Price Varies Based On Size, Colour, and Condition

Calgary's newest and most proven self healing protection coating. Long gone are the days of accumulating swirl marks and scratches to your paint work. 

After a thorough paint correction to remove existing defects, the coating is applied to protect your paint from chemicals, sun fade, watermarks, and swirl marks for up to 5 years with little maintenance. 

Experience a new era of vehicle protection.

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