Windshield Protection Film

Protect Your Expensive Glass

After testing and receiving feedback from our clients on many different brands of protection film, WinCrest Clear has been chosen as the clear winner. Unlike other brands, this product does NOT delaminate (a condition of discolouration and hazing causing visual and driving difficulties). 

Not only is it a durable way to protect your windshield, it's nearly invisible, and self healing! Meaning you don't accumulate nearly as many scratches and defects as other films on the market. Protect your original glass against Calgary's harsh roads and ever-lingering rocks even in the summer.

Did we mention it does NOT interfere with your factory sensors and safety hardware? Enjoy peace of mind and long term savings with PCD and Ultrafit.

Call us today for a consultation about glass, and other protection options.

Coupe - $450

SUV - $500

Sedan - $450

Truck - $500