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1) Are the prices on your website accurate?

Yes, For 90% of vehicles. Some models which require additional materials or are more complicated than the average vehicle may require additional budget. We will clarify this before you book your appointment.

2) How Long Do You Need My Car?

For most standard front-end packages the average work time is 1 business day. Full vehicle wraps could require up to one week. 

work time is determined based on your required package and final scope of work. this will be determined before work commences.

3) How Far Ahead Are You Booking?

This is a difficult question to answer as it varies from month to month. on average we are very flexible with appointments and can usually get you in within a couple of days of inquiry.

4) I received some other Quotes. Can you match them?

We do offer a price match guarantee with similar caliber service providers for similar products, similar booking time. You will need to provide proof of the quote (emails, flyers, website screenshots, etc).

5) I don't see exactly what I need on your website, are the packages/Services set in stone?

We understand that everyone's needs are different. The packages on our website can absolutely be tailored to your individual needs, just reach out to us with your request and we will work to get you an accurate quote.

6) I have a specific budget but would really love to add more protection to my vehicle, can you offer a solution?

We are proud to be partnered with FLEXITI Financial to offer you on the spot financing with rates as low as 0% for up to 36 months. (Subject to Flexiti's Credit and Verification process, apply confidentially in store)

If you already have a Flexiti Account you may use it here!

7) What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?


We accept all major credit cards, debit, e transfer, bank draft. 

8) I Need More Than One Service, Do you Offer a Bundle Discount?

Yes we do. The bundle prices vary based on what you need and your vehicle specifications. Please contact us to get an accurate price.

9) You Always Have Cool Cars At Your Shop, Can I Stop By Just To Look and Admire?

While we love the request for visitation, we ask that you respect our workplace, time, and our client's assets by only visiting for business purposes by appointment only. Thank you for understanding. 

10) Do You Use Computer Cut Patterns For All Installations?

We rely on 3d scanned patterns of your vehicle in our database to provide you accurate and true fitting installations. 

We do edit and modify these patterns for additional coverage (wrapped edges, smaller gaps, etc)

by request (for full vehicle wraps) we do offer a completely custom installed (hand cut) service. price will vary.

11) Do You Only Work On High End Cars?

While we are known for our work on luxury and exotic vehicles, we absolutely work on all makes, models, in all categories (daily drivers, SUV's, Trucks, Coupes, Etc) and we take pride in our work.

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