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The Truth About Ceramic Coatings In Calgary

Calgary has seen a large influx of "ceramic coating specialists" in recent years, mainly due to the popularity of the benefits portrayed online of such products. What you don't know is that a large portion of Calgary's shops are not well trained, equipped, or have access to professional quality grade products.

At Private Collection we have tested and worked with many products over the years allowing us to pinpoint the highest quality and longest lasting benefits. What is important to remember is that there are a few factors to consider when choosing 1) a facility, and 2) a product.

What is a Ceramic Coating?

In our own words, it's a thin, transparent, and highly durable liquid-turned-glass infused with nano ceramic, graphene, or similar raw materials. The density and volume of such materials make all the difference between a high quality and low quality coating.

It may be hard to determine just by doing online research which products are the real deal and which are nothing but hype. We have developed a level of trust with our clients to help make these choices based on their needs and lifestyles. After all, a product that works for your lifestyle might not work for your neighbour's.

Our Ceramic and Graphene Coatings

Self Healing

Simply put, this means unlike traditional coatings which accumulate swirl marks and scratches over a period of time, our coatings heal themselves under the influence of heat, reverting back to their original state. This is a new technology for coatings, only seen before with physical Protection Films. In the hands of a professional, these coatings offer an incredible value due to effectiveness and longevity.

Chemical Resistance

Living in Calgary poses many risks to your vehicle. Not only is physical abbrassion an ongoing concern, but chemical attacks to your paint work are a serious risk. This means road salts, construction material deposits, general winter time grime, and more, can embed and slowly corrode your vehicle, eventually penetrating the substrate. Our self healing ceramic and graphene coatings add a marginally thicker than normal protection layer protecting the underlying paint work.

Ease of Cleaning

Think of it this way. Your paint finish has millions of micropores, like your skin, which contaminates and impurities can cling on to and penetrate which means high rolling resistance. Our coatings seal these micropores rendering them smooth, thus creating a very slick surface which repels more water and dirt than a non-coated vehicle. This is the "hydrophobic" effect which is highly sought after. Wash times are reduced, frequency is reduced, and effort in maintaining your clean ride is reduced.

Extreme Gloss

Building on the last point, while sealing the micropores of your paint and adding a thick layer of nano particle protection, you achieve a high level of gloss and reflectivity. This is the reason many coated vehicles look infinitely shinier than their non-coated counterparts. The longevity of this gloss relies squarely on the solids-density and chemical composition of the coating.

Our coating have been tested and proven to withstand harsh chemicals for prolonged period of time, whereas other coatings have been tested for warmer, cleaner, and sunnier climates like the middle east of parts of the USA. It is important to consider these aspects more than just "brand recognition" on social media. In our experience, many of the coatings that promise outrageous results in other parts of the world rarely actually hold up in Canada.

UV Protection

Often an underestimated factor affecting your paint work. Sun fade. Usually not a visibly obvious for a longer period of time, however after 2 years of ownership you can start to notice the shine and lustre of your vehicle is diminished. After prolonged exposure you are likely to experience premature clear coat failure.

A quality ceramic or graphene coating greatly reduces these effects helping you maintain a quality gloss and protection at the same time.

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